Friday, June 02, 2006

How do I improve English ability through using English Websites?

When I was second years on CAFA, I knew a English learning website. The website is the first time that I used to improve my English ability. The website is A useful English learning website what is supplied by my school. On this website, you can have your own account and do many tests. For example, Test of English as a Foreign Language, Word Practice, General English Proficiency Test, Test of English for International Communication, etc. After these tests, the system could archive your score and let you have a second test to fill the wrong questions. It can leave you a lasting impression.
I used the “Word Practice” to test my ability of English vocabulary before. And the result was terrible. I began to worry about it! How poor my English is! So I make my mine. I will improve my English ability and do not care use any way. Then I had many and many vocabulary tests on the website. On the same time, I read English studio. This way can help me to know a lot of new words. And I read the articles by having a test of “reading practice” on this website. It let me improve my English reading ability.
I thanks for this website. It let my English ability well than before. Thanks for this website. It let my English ability well than before. On this website, I learned many new words and other English ability. It made me have more confidence in English. I will not afraid to speak with foreigners or to write an article by English. Thanks God!

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Language of Flowers

The time has come to start making decisions about your weddding flower arrangements. You may want to incorporate those flowers that have a special traditional meaning. At the turn of the 20th century, the most common way to communicate romance was with flowers. A young man would present a red rose symbolizing love to a young lady. She would return a purple pansy, relaying the message "you are in my thoughts." No words were spoken that would commit either party during the courtship, so understanding the language of flowers was of paramount importance if one was to ever cultivate a relationship. Here is an extensive list of flowers and their meanings that may help guide you in your selection of floral arrangements for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The baseball rule are not as complex as that people imagine,Puts briefly,is pitch a ball,hit a ball,catche a ball. The baseball game carries on between two rows,attack and defend in turn.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Good begun is half done

I. CALL ALCPT 輔助ECL成就測驗: 選取 EFL Place
II. 影片欣賞寫作 English Trailers:
III. Reflection Weblog in English Learning 英文學習網誌--
IV. Cyber Listening---
V. 英文學習網站—

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yesterday Once More

Written:Richard Carpenter/John Bettis

When I was youngI'd listen to the radio
Waitin' for my favorite songs
When they played I'd sing along,
It made me smile

Those were such happy times
And not so long ago
How I wondered where they'd gone
But they're back againJust like a long lost friend
All the songs I loved so well

(*)Every Sha-la-la-la
Every Wo-wo-wo
Still shinesEvery shing-a-ling-a-ling
That they're starting to sing's
So fine

When they get to the part
Where he's breakin' her heartIt can really make me cry
Just like beforeIt's yesterday once more
Lookin' back on how it wasIn years gone by
And the good time that I had
Makes today seem rather sad
So much has changed
It was songs of love thatI would sing to then
And I'd memorize each wordThose old melodies
Still sound so good to me
As they melt the years away


All my best memories
Come back clearly to me
Some can even make me cry
Just like beforeIt's yesterday once more


Monday, January 09, 2006

It's True Lene Marlin

I wish I could,
Sit here all alone
Thinking this is okay
Don't need anybody tonight,
Just complete silence and the candle light
And I'd drink my coffee,
Wouldn't worry at all... wouldn't worry at all
I would feel fineLike I always do
I would be smilingLaughing too
Don't need anybody,Least of all you
And then I would convince myself it's true
It's true
I wish I could,
Stare at the wall
And see something different everytime
The candle wouldn't stop burningI could lay down,
And I wouldn't be cryingI would feel fine
Like I always do
I would be smilingLaughing too
Don't need anybody,
Least of all you
And then I would convince myself it's true
It's true

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Environment affects our life very much. Most of all, it affects our health. Many people don’t pay attention to the change of the environment. Air pollution and garbage pollution are going worse and worse. Except forest resources are fewer and fewer too.
The air is the important element on our life! If the air is being polluted, it will hurt our lung. And if garbage spread all of our life area, we will not have spaces to live. And trees are going fewer, nowadays it makes greenhouse effect. This will cause flooding in coastal areas and other problems.
We must to value the environment problem. We live in the earth, to protect the environment is our job. Not only for human but also for all creatures.